Custom Work

Gadgetometers is proud to work with you to create a finished product from your ideas and requirements.  We like our customers to feel engaged and able to chart their own destinies while we utilize our knowledge and creativity in making that possible.

Within our product pages, we offer the following custom products:

  • Design your own wooden sign, just provide us with a few bits of information, the design work is already included in the cost of the sign.
  • Design your own goggles, just let us know the colors and components you would like to add to them.


Get a Custom Quote

We can give you a custom quote for any work outside of the ones offered in our store and through the customized product options.  To make an assessment, we just need you to fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote for your project.

We can do  costume components, special weapons, stage details, back drops, wedding components, vintage decorative items, special Halloween props, large builds (like our custom cabinets), and almost anything else you would like to challenge us with.


If you have any photographs of samples that correspond to this request, send them to and reference your quote request.